Key Features to Look for in POS Software

POS software or Point-of-sale software is a specialized computer application program that facilitates retail sales and streamlines transactions. Every business, either large or small, uses point of sale for purchase, returns, and delivery in physical and digital locations. With the advancement in technology, POS systems have also updated and now both hardware and software are their essential components. This software is updated in every business such as restaurants, hotels, industries, administrations, e-commerce, retail stores, etc. to track their inventory, make the customer experience good, manage security, and process credit cards. But the problem is how can one understand which software runs best to make a business successful in this competent era. This article elaborates on such features of the software that every efficient software possesses. So here are the features of POS software. 

point of sale system

Features of POS software:

The business world is full of multifaceted features of POS software but the key features that good software possesses are the following:

1.  Multi-store management:

Some POS systems allow you to run multiple stores at one time. In reality, a system can run only one store, but the advancement of time provides the opportunity to run multiple stores at one time. Only one central account runs multiple stores.  An important software that provides this opportunity is SES (Sarmad Engineering Solutions) POS Software. The functions that you can run for multi-store purposes are;

  • Transfer product from one place to another 
  • Count and reconcile inventory
  • Run loyalty program across stores
  • 2. Billing and Order Processing:
  • Retail POS software must have the capability to generate order bills and process them accurately. They provide opportunities for discounts, create invoices of orders, add customer details, scan items for billing and additional remarks. The POS  system helps both clients and sellers to smooth the purchasing process. 
    • Clients have the feasibility to purchase anything from such payment method that is suitable for them. Eg. through cash credit cards or mobile payments.
    • Sellers proceed with purchases through counters quicker, track every transaction made, and make accounting more manageable.

    POS software provides order management features. If clients want to purchase some inventory that is out of stock, you can easily manage to enter a particular order into the system. When inventory is refilled, you can dispatch a particular order to your client.

customer pay bill by using a system of POS software

3. Inventory Management:

The important feature that makes POS  software distinct from others is inventory tracking. POS systems have records of sales, purchases, stocks, and even delivery items. This system has the record of which product performs well and which products fail to function properly. It notifies alarmed products e.g. low stock, refill orders, and expiry dates.

POS software also performs the following features for inventory management:

  • Make taxes affordable
  • Duplicate similar products
  • Make a catalog of products to ease import

So every POS possesses this particular feature to keep a record of business and make transactions easy.

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4. Quick Keys and Items easily found:

As the name indicates, quick keys are the alternate or shortcut ways to find the currently sold item by pressing a single button. This technique is also the blessing of a point-of-sale system. The workers, by pressing a single button, search for the particular sold item that shows on the screen and they find it easy to sell it rather than searching on other screens. Every best POS software in the market must have this feature.

quick keys and items easily found

5. Reporting Tools:

Every POS system must have this feature of reporting and analysis. Reporting is done to understand the position of your business. Reporting can be weekly, hourly, monthly, and even annually so that entrepreneurs can easily understand their business performance. It has a dashboard through which one can see the performance of his store. You can analyze employee productivity, top performers, sales, and purchases, product reports, customer reporting, and many other matrices.

6. Loyalty Programs:

Although loyalty programs are not necessary, they are essential for the growth of business. And a good POS system provides loyalty programs to customers. The software computerized a custom profile and stored each customer’s purchasing information. By this, you can analyze customers’ needs and create marketing campaigns. It helps in customer retention, when a customer wants to purchase anything he will move towards you. Thus loyalty programs are best for the promotion of business and the software through which it is done will be considered the best software. 

7. Return and Refund Policy:

The return Policy of any store increases its growth because customers are satisfied with the customer-friendly return policy. To meet this policy, make sure that your POS helps you to create the ideal return policy by providing ideal options to return items.

8. Employee Management:

A good POS system also has the feature to manage employees. Multiple people are working in a business and there are chances of mismanagement but POS software automates a significant part of employee management.  It provides the opportunity to mark the in and out shifts of employees. All the activities of employees are recorded in the system and you can easily watch the performance of your employees at any time. This opportunity also provides easiness to select the shifts of workers otherwise, manually, it creates a lot of problems and mismanagements.



employees working in a company according to their shifts

9. Barcodes:

Barcodes are the systems of any POS used to tag and track any inventory. These are essentials for inventory management. To make inventory management effective, it is essential to make the POS system effective. The barcodes point out where the item is present in a system. These scan the product when it enters, when it sells, and when it is delivered. So, every POS system has the feature of a barcode to scan the product.

10. Promotions:

POS systems are updated with the feature of promotions.  They become helpful in showing the discount package of any company or other customer-friendly loyalty programs. It will be difficult to write them manually. So, POS systems make it easy to run any promotion without creating any confusion.

11. Security Management:

Another feature of POS software that discriminates from manual systems is security management. POS software 

  • Secures customer data,
  • Protects business operations, 
  • Makes data confidential, 
  • Regular data backup, and 
  • PCI-compliant payment processing. 

These all programs are secured by POS software.

12. Multiple Payment Methods:

Apart from the traditional payment method, that was only by hand payment. POS systems in this modern era provide multiple payment methods. Now customers can make cash payments through mobile apps, Jazz Cash, gift cards such as Amex, and cash.


POS software is revolutionized for the convenience of people. The best POS software is that which is computerized with all the above features. One can’t discriminate which is the best feature because all these are operating well on their side.


If you are interested in seeing a performance of software that is updated with all the above features, see the link below

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