Enhancing Customer Experience with a Modern POS System

Enhance Customer Experience with our Modern POS Software
In today’s competitive era, providing a better customer experience is important for the success of business. A modern POS system plays dual functions at a time: making transactions easy and enhancing customer experience. POS systems extend beyond technical and operational functions and play a pivotal role in making customer’s experience good. Competitive businesses give value to customer’s expectations and provide exceptional customer services by making the point of sale more revolutionized. According to Gartner’s research,

  • 64% of the customers value their shopping experience rather than the pricing of products
  • After a pathetic experience, more than 50% of customers will not buy from a brand

Why Customer Satisfaction is Important:

Satisfying customer needs is very important for a business’s strength. It is very surprising to know that twelve good experiences of customers are sufficient to compensate for one bad experience of a customer. Impressing your respondents makes them your permanent customers. According to Accentures’ study on customer behavior (2019), 47% of customers pay more If their expectations are met. Moreover, the Deloitte survey explores how much more such customers pay if their needs are satisfied. The report shows that the magic rate is 140% then what they usually spend. Enhancing customer experience is not only good for customers but also for retailers. So satisfying customers through POS is significant.

How is Customer Experience Enhanced through the POS system?

This article is very helpful for those who want to make their businesses competent. They can do this by appealing to their customers. They must know how to enhance customer experience. You can enhance customer experience by following these tips:

1. Streamline Checkout Process:

A modern POS streamlines the checkout process by making sales transactions computerized. This diminishes all errors, minimizes the waiting time of customers, and ensures accurate pricing. These all factors always make customers satisfied. For example, pharmaceutical billing software can handle multiple transactions at a time, by reducing the fatigue of customers standing in queues and satisfying buyer experiences. As per a survey regarding customer waiting periods;

  • 25% of customers can wait only for 2 minutes
  • 59% of customers avoid to wait for over 4 minutes
  • 73% of customers leave without buying if they have to wait for over 5 minutes

 2. Resolve Inventory issues:

Out-of-stock products always make customers frustrated. When their demands are not fulfilled, they take bad experience from your store and they may never return. Streamlines your inventory management through POS can solve all the issues regarding inventories such as; stock-out products, real-time inventory tracking, inventory delivery, etc. These all are helpful to make customers’ experience good. Enhancing customer experience is not only good for customers but also for retailers. So satisfying customers through POS is significant.

managers resolve their inventory issues

3. Loyalty Programs and Promotions:

POS software, by providing loyalty programs and making promotions enhances customer experience. By collecting customers’ details and e-mail addresses at the time of purchase, you can send them messages for summer and special event sales. You can advertise your business by sending customers messages and e-mails. These features not only enhance customer experience but also increase sales.

4. Integration With E-Commerce Platform:

In this evolutionary era, where everything is done online. Convenience stores need to extend their reach beyond physical stores. Modern POS systems integrate their work with E-Commerce platforms, allowing customers to shop online and deliver anything. This makes it easy for customers to buy anything from home and satisfy them.

5. Accommodate Various Payment Methods:

To satisfy customers, retailers sell good products and meet customer needs including how they want to pay. To win more customers this is an important component. You can integrate your customers with a variety of payment methods such as:

  • Credit Card
  • Cash 
  • Gift Card
  • Mobile payment such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung pay
  • QR code
customer is paying bill through mobile

6. Implement Omni channel POS Experience:

A modern POS implements an omni channel experience to ease customers and make their shopping experience effective. POS system provides availability of multi-channel sales with e-commerce platforms and social media such as mobile phones, Facebook, etc. Buy Online, Pick up at the Store: Customers can order products online, pay via e-commerce platforms, and pick up the item at the store. Another possibility is that employees ready the products and customers can buy them curbside. Telephone Orders: The best way which is more beneficial is for customers to place and pay the order online. These two methods reduce the waiting time of customers and reduce their physical contact, reducing errors and human effort.

7. Provide Multiple Options for Receipts:

You can satisfy customers by providing them with the option of sending electronic receipts. The modern POS also has this advanced feature. Customers feel safe and easy to send receipts electronically rather than wait to print paper receipts. This experience will not only be good for customers but it is also helpful to maintain the repute of your brand. The main benefit that you can gain is when the customers send their receipts through their e-mail, you can create marketing campaigns for the promotion of your business based on customer preferences. This will increase the rate of customers towards your brand.

8. Train your staff to get benefits from the POS System:

When your staff is trained they can professionally deal with customers. When customers are satisfied by the behavior of staff, they experience good shopping from your store. Modern point of sale allows the staff to assist the customers in a better way. As per Forbes Research, the good shopping experience of customers with staff can satisfy customers 33%. You can introduce item locators which can help your customers and staff both in locating the desired products. If the price of goods continuously changing, you can install live price indicators and synchronize them with your POS system. If these techniques are implemented then you can easily catch your customers towards your store.


POS software can enhance customer experience if you use it accurately and operate it according to the demand of the customer. By streamlining the checkout process, Resolving inventory issues, training your staff, providing multiple options for receipts, giving loyalty programs, and accommodating various payment methods, you can easily enhance customer experience and increase the rate of your customers. However, this all can be done when you are using the right POS system. 

Enhance Customer Experience with our POS System Infographics shows details of great customer experience

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